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For 15 years we have created an expert health system that improves people's quality of life. Vitapp has been built by a medical team with scientific backing that has managed risk for more than 80,000 users. Achieving improved adherence to treatments, reduced disease burden and improved health status.
Why Vitapp?
Every person is exposed to suffer diseases, but their life habits and background are the main determinants. The presence of symptoms and diseases at the moment, announce future risks. Vitapp studies all these factors and allows to foresee with certainty the probabilities of getting sick and provides strategies to detect and prevent health complications.
The basis
Vitapp is based on a clinical model for treating chronic diseases from the Institute of Functional Medicine, which proposes a systemic analysis of imbalances in cellular functions and a complete analysis of the risks of any individual. The Vitapp questionnaire is based on the Medical Medical History used by various schools of Integrative Medicine, converted into a self-report using expert system rules (Medical Decision Support Systems) to identify imbalances, contributing factors and latent health risks. The risk analysis contemplates a Management Module-GIRS (Integral Health Risk Management) that responds to the transversal strategy of MinSalud's Integral Health Care Policy. This allows us to identify, evaluate, measure and intervene in all risk factors in order to anticipate diseases.
Medical support and assistance
Vitapp is operated by a physician specialized in remotely managing all the risks of each person and helping them to achieve their goals. Our service for companies and health entities provides the solution to study and detect and then discard or mitigate all health risks of the population.

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