Virtual medical service that addresses current and future health issues
Supported by an intelligent risk detection platform
How do we do it?
An agile survey answered on the cell phone allows us to identify the lifestyle factors that generate current health problems and future clinical risks in each person.
Web survey
Is the entry point for the Vitapp platform. A short survey of just 3 minutes, we can evaluate the factors implying risks so our medical team review the answers and delivers a personalized plan.
Mobile app
Vitapp delivers evidenced-based recommendations and focused in Functional Medicine. This helps to solve symptoms naturally and safe.
Medical team
Our medical team remotely manages all the risks for every user and delivers suggestions for better health. Provides support and guidance to better assess risks, up to the confirmation or elimination of each one of them.
We don't leave risk to chance
We do the complete task of identifying all risk factors in all people in the company or its population.
Vitapp takes into account more than 500 risk segments by life course in all population groups.
We have more than 450 background questions and risk determinants.
We deliver recommendations, guides and recipes individually from a library of more than 3,000 scientifically validated contents.
Our customers receive:
Access to the management module for the company doctor
Access to a dashboard for real-time management tracking
Monthly report of detected risks and clinical interventions to be followed in the population.

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